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Jon & Tanya Coody

J Coody Photo

Ministry Area: Russia
Responsibilities: equipping leaders and resourcing churches
E-mail Address:
Latest Newsletter (PDF): October 2016

Jon and Tanya met while serving with Campus Crusade in Irkutsk, Russia, and were married there in 2005. Tanya was born in the Irkutsk region of Siberia, a region rich in natural beauty and resources. Jon has served as a missionary in Russia since 1995 and spent his first ten years in campus ministry.

While serving in Siberia, both Jon and Tanya came to see the growing need for more churches to nurture young Russian Christians. There is a great need for training, resources, and encouragement for young pastors and church leaders in Russia today, especially as the church seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ across Russia's vast landscape (11 time zones!). Today, the evangelical church makes up only about 1-2% of the total population of Russia, but that percentage is growing.

In light of that need, Jon and Tanya came to Covenant Seminary for training that would enable and empower their ministry of equipping leaders and resourcing churches in Russia. While at Covenant, Tanya gained valuable input for future ministry to women in Russia. They have two children, Anna (2008) and Mark (2010), who were born in St. Louis and are eagerly learning both English and Russian. Having completed his Th.M. in Exegetical Theology in May of 2011, Jon was welcomed to the faculty of St. Petersburg Christian University ( where he will help to train leaders for evangelical churches in Russia.

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