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Presbyterian Mission International (PMI) is a network of select gospel ministers who are from outside the U.S. (normally by birth and upbringing, but also perhaps through significant international ministry experience or having an international marriage). All have completed a degree at Covenant Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. This PMI network consists of triangular partnerships between these graduates, their donors and a governing board. One important purpose of these partnerships is to serve and equip each other for Christian living through mutual prayer and encouragement. Another purpose is to financially enable the international graduates to return to their countries of origin and conduct full-time gospel ministry — or as PMI's vision statement puts it, to labor in evangelism and church-planting, leadership training, holistic ministries and connecting churches internationally.

Check out these December 2020 "Zoom" interviews about the lives and current work of a few PMI missionaries:

PMI Missionaries by Region

South America



Pacific Rim


You are invited to browse through the various missionaries' and scholars' pages and learn the details of the works in progress. If you have further questions about PMI or an interest in supporting a particular missionary or scholar, please feel free to contact me or any member of the PMI board.

Tom Hudson
PMI Managing Director