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Koji & Marcia Esaki

K Esaki Photo

Ministry Area: Osaka, Japan
Responsibilities: Translation, Mentoring MDiv Students, Bible Studies and Outreach
E-mail Address:
Latest Newsletter (PDF): March 2022

In 1993 Koji and Marcia Esaki moved to Japan with their daughters Hana (age 6) and Mae (age 3). Koji pastored the Nagakute Presbyterian Church in suburban Nagoya, and Amazing Grace Church, Gifu City. In addition he aided the MTW Nagoya Team for ten years with the Nagoya church plant, by preaching monthly and serving on the session. Koji also served as Gifu Prefectural Prison Chaplain for seven years as the only Christian chaplain to 800 inmates with monthly worship services and individual counseling. Marcia taught at the Nagoya International School for ten years and managed the health office there.

Koji and Marcia moved to downtown Osaka in April 2015. The Osaka-Kobe-Kyoto metropolitan area has 17 million people and is one of the least churched metropolitan centers in the world. Koji and Marcia attended the City to City Asia Pacific training for church planters and Koji became manager of 10 translators in order to make these materials accessible in Japanese. In October 2020, the first City to City Japanese (CTCJ) Intensive, for about 15 church planters, will be held to prepare the next generation. Ongoing coaching of these church planters will be key to maintaining healthy churches. Koji's role, as CTCJ director of coaching, will be to support these church planters and to look for Japanese coaches to train for the future. He is also a ministry partner at Japanese-English language Mustard Seed Christ Church Osaka.

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