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PMI Missionaries


Luciano & Luciene Pires

L Pires Photo

Ministry Area: Brazil/Portugal
Responsibilities: University students, church planting, leadership training.
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Luciano and Luciene Pires are the founders of a home-based Christian Institute focused on Apologetics and Evangelism, called Colloquium and have been PMI Missionaries since 2001. Their mission at Colloquium is to plant churches by presenting the truths of the Gospel in a way that will challenge the hearts and minds of this generation, especially university students. They are also actively engaged in Christian leadership training. Thus, their passion is to reach out to non-believers and to equip Christians to live all of life under the Lordship of Christ.

In 2002 Luciano and Luciene completed degrees at Covenant Theological Seminary. Luciano received an M.Div, while Luciene earned an MA in Theological Studies, both have their degrees in Apologetics and Evangelism. Upon completion of their degrees, they returned to their homeland, Brazil, where they established Colloquium in Goiania. During these fifteen years of ministry, they ministered to hundreds of people every year through their Bible Studies, the annual Colloquium Conference, and various outreach activities hosted every week at their home. Out of the ministry of Colloquium, the Mosaico Presbyterian Church was planted, a godly and vibrant community of people formed mostly by young professionals and university students. Luciano also taught Old Testament and Biblical Theology at the Presbyterian Seminary in Goiania.

The Pireses are now preparing to move to Porto, a university city in northern Portugal. While transitioning to Portugal Luciano is taking classes towards a Th.M at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, MO. In Porto, The Pireses envision to serve the church, university students and enable leadership training.

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