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Martin & Ulrika Helgesson

M Helgesson Photo

Ministry Area: Sweden
Responsibilities: Teaching, mentoring, writing
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Martin Helgesson graduated from Covenant in 2019 with an Mdiv, after two years on campus and two years of online courses. Ulrika and Martin, along with children Amelie, Julie and Wilfred moved back to Stockholm in 2017.

Sweden is a largely post-Christian country that ranks exceptionally high in secular and individualistic value metrics. There is a great need for the church in Sweden to be strengthened internally and equipped for witness by Christian apologetics. Doubts and objections need to be addressed, and the gospel needs to be communicated with clarity and cultural awareness.

The Apologia Center for Christian Apologetics has served the Swedish church for 20+ years with education and evangelism (often in the realm of higher education). At Apologia, Martin teaches online courses and visits churches, youth retreats etc. to give talks on Christianity and contemporary culture. Martin's passion and calling is to help Christians face and think through difficult questions, doubts and objections to the faith, and together with the rest of the team at Apologia, finds great joy in seeing Christians grow in faith and confidence through intellectual and personal formation.

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