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Andreas & Katharine van Wijngaarden

A van Wijngaarden Photo

Ministry Area: United Kingdom
Responsibilities: Church ministry (with a particular focus on the means of hospitality, teaching, and equipping)
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Latest Newsletter (PDF): December 2023

Andreas and Katharine van Wijngaarden, together with their sons Luca and Sem were all born in the Netherlands but also lived abroad for several years. For many years Andreas made a living by his entrepreneurial activities with setting up businesses, but that changed dramatically in 2018 when, by faith, they made the choice to follow the call for church ministry.


Their biggest desire is to be used by God that people may know Jesus as their Lord (in every area of life). In that they want to help with a holistic understanding of what that means, and how to personally grow in following Jesus through everyday life — a mission that is foremost relationally driven.


They see that against the secular stream in the West, and in particular in the main national centers of the Reformed tradition (i.e. the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States) we need a countermovement of transformed lives as a result of following Jesus Christ in every area of life.

Church Ministry

In order to work towards the vision, they believe God calls them to fulfil the mission as pioneers in church ministry. In this there is a particular focus on the means of hospitality, teaching, and equipping.


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